How Roof Lights can enhance a property

rooflights from daylight domesOne of the most sought-after commodities in modern day real estate is natural light; whether it’s a home or an office space, that all-important sunlight streaming through a window or skylight can be ‘make or break’ in terms of a property’s appeal and value.

Our square dome roof lights look appealing both from the outside of the building and the inside, offering a sleek and modern way to introduce more light into a building and make it feel more airy and open. The winding rod mechanism that is used to open them is easy to use and means that on hot days, it’s a doddle to let fresh air into the building.

Roof light options

The options that we offer are made from thermoformed polycarbonate and are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and glazing options – there’s something to suit the glazing requirements of almost any project and fit virtually any opening.

Dome roof lights can be the perfect way to introduce more light into a building. We sell 36 different sizes of roof lights, including square dome roof lights, circular roof lights, and high-tech automated models. We offer square dome roof lights from 600 mm2 to 1,900 mm2, meaning that there’s sure to be an option to suit you or your client. All of our dome rooflights are made out of polycarbonate – a material that boasts an impact strength 300 times that of glass. It’s also available with a diffused finish as well as the standard clear – perfect if security or privacy is an issue.

Save money

Dome roof lights are available with a double or triple skin, improving the thermal performance of the building and saving money on energy bills!

Roof lights from Daylight Domes

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